An Urgent Appeal From the President of DMS

Asalaamu Alaikum,

Dayton Mercy Society regrets the inconvenience caused during Friday prayers and respectfully appeals to everyone to follow a few simple rules to make Friday prayers spiritually fulfilling for all.

Please prepare yourselves and aim to reach DMS early, if not, then at least on time.   PLEASE REMEMBER Allah knows our intentions even if we are running late.   Please do not rush or inconvenience others.  There is a second Khutba at 3:30pm.

We are blessed to have three parking areas available to us.  They are, in the order in which you should use them:

1. The vacant lot off of Maue Road: a short 50 yard walk from the Masjid.

2. The main parking lot of the DMS premises.

3. The plot adjoining DMS, also on Maue Road.  (The owner of the land).

We respectfully request those who arrive early and for those people who are running late. (Surely Allah [SWT] will reward you for this act of charity).

Please DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS. Doing so damages the land has caused several cars to get stuck, especially after heavy rains.

We are extremely grateful to each of you for all the contributions you make to the masjid.  Allahuma Barak Lakum wa Lana.

Let us all Insha’Allah make these few adjustments as we transition into the busy summer and Ramadan months.

JazakumAllah Khair.

Dr Nadeem Ahmed


Dayton Mercy Society

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