DMS Youth Meeting Nov. 8.

DMS Youth Volunteer at Heartland of Centerville Nursing Home October 25. We are proud of our youth for making the time to serve!

Cheese! Getting ready for the tour!

Jerry Leggett, Director of the Dayton International Peace Museum performs for DMS Youth.

Mr. Leggett telling us about the history of the Labyrinth of Love Quilt Exhibit.

DMS Youth Tour the Dayton International Peace Museum October 19!

Walking through the exhibit.

Listening to Mr. Leggett perform.

Dr. Esam Alkhawaja delivered a talk addressing bullying in schools: “Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are… You Define Yourself!”

DMSYL listening to Dr. Alkhawaja

Discussion with Dr. Alkhawaja, Sept. 28.

Recitation of Surat Ar Rahman before the Mufti Hussain Kamani Lecture, Masha’Allah. September 12, 2014

Having fun!

DMSYL Go Bowling!

DMSYL Go Bowling!


Having fun!

DMSYL Go Bowling!

DMSYL Go Bowling!

Iftar for DMS Youth – July 2014

Getting ready for Eid Al Fitr 2014!

DMS Youth Life members preparing for iftar.

And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Iftar time!

Eid Preparation!

Don’t move….Pretty Mehndi drying!

Mehndi time!

Eid decorating.

Prayer Time! Taking a break from fun to remember Allah.


(For Ages 8-18)

If you are interested in joining the DMS Youth Program please contact us or 937-530-4006 extension 3.