Asalaamu Alaikum,

The first Khutba on Friday, June 26th will be delivered by Dr. Saeed Elbezreh.  Khutba will be at 1:30pm.  Iqama will be at 2pm, In Sha Allah.

The second Khutba will also be delivered by Dr. Saeed Elbezreh at 2:30pm. The Iqama will be at 3:00pm, In Sha Allah.


Visit DMS website link above to register for Jumaah prayers. 1:30 and 2:30 PM delivered by Dr. Saeed ElBezreh Limit is 50 attendees per Jummah.


1. Wear a mask at all times.
2. Bring your own prayer rug.
3. Maintain social distancing in sufoof (rows).
4. Pray sunnah before and after the fard salah at home.
5. The wudu area and bathrooms will be closed. Please make wudu at home.
6. For safety reasons we ask those with medical conditions to avoid coming to DMS at this.
7. Everyone will be able to pray in the main hall, provided social distancing guidelines are followed.
8. Azan and iqamah time will be listed on the salah timetable.
9. Masjid doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before iqamah time and masjid will be locked 10 mins after the completion of salah.
10. Please return home immediately upon the completion of the fard jamat and do not socialize in the masjid.

We sincerely request your compliance with the above.

Masjid Administration


DMS Khutba

Time: Jun 26, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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