Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oun
(To Allah We Belong and to Him is our Return) Quran 2:156
It is with a deep sadness that we announce the passing of Ali Idries son of Emad Idries “Abu Ali”  who passed away today in Dayton.

There will be a Janazah Tomorrow Wednesday 04/26/2017.

The information is as follow:
Time for Janazah Prayer is : 6.45 PM at:
ISGD Cemetery by Dayton Airport located at:
11900 N Dixie Dr
Tipp City, OH 45371
Phone: 937-667-1082
There will be two (2) visitations as follow:
1- On Wednesday, 04/26/2017 after Janazah & burial at the 
Dayton Mercy Society (DMS) at:
2277 Mau Rd
Miamisburg, OH 45342
2- On Thursday, 04/27/2017 after Maghrib at:
Masjid AlHuda (for brothers & sisters) 
730 S. Alpha Bellbrook Rd
Dayton, OH 45305

O Allah, forgive Ali Idries and shed light upon him in it.

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