The first Khutba on Friday, March 12th will be delivered by Dr. Saeed El Bezreh.  Khutba will be at 1:30pm.  Iqama will be at 2pm, In Sha Allah.…/registration-for-jumaa-prayer/

Visit DMS website link above to register for 1:30PM AND 2:30PM Jumaah prayer.  Limit is 50 attendees per Jummah.


  • Considering recent acceleration of COVID infections, DMS will reduce the building maximum capacity to 50 individuals.
  • Registration for Friday prayers at 1:30pm and 2:30pm will be enforced.
  • Anyone below 10 or above 70 is strongly advised not to come to DMS.
  • Anyone with any flu like symptoms should not come to DMS and is exempt from Jumu’a prayers.

We will continue broadcasting Friday Khutba via Zoom. We will evaluate the situation regularly and will keep you updated In sha Allah

We sincerely request your compliance with the above.

Masjid Administration

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Meeting ID: 840 9708 9793
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