Your Donation to MY Project USA Goes a long way.

MY Project USA is serving hundreds of kids and families through several initiatives on daily basis.
– We are feeding, tutoring, mentoring, and coaching youth in underserved communities and turning them in to successful, bright community leaders and productive citizens.
– We are helping parents, elderly and disabled in the community through various services including legal services, ESL classes, workshops, job trainings and employment.
– We have served about 1.5 million meals and snacks through MY Family Pantry and MY Soup/Iftar Kitchen.
– We have helped reduced crimes, drugs and violence significantly down in our neighborhood.
This list goes on and on. Our track record is on our Facebook Page and our Website.

WE belive in Radical Transparency and Accountability of a nonprofit Organization. Our Tax Returns are availabil online.
We welcome all community members to ask us if you have any questions, confusion or concern about us.

We invite all community members to pitch in as we make sure that all children in our neighborhoods are well taken care of. That they are fed, clothed, sheltered, protected and empowered to lead a happy successful life.

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