Asalamu Alaikum Dayton Community,

Ramadan is just around the corner with the 1st day being Tuesday, April 13th and 1st Taraweeh on Monday night April 12th. We pray that Allah (swt) makes it a blessed Ramadan for all of us, In Sha Allah.

Here are some updates on how we will proceed with Ramadan schedule at Dayton Mercy Society.

• DMS will have daily Taraweeh prayers.

• DMS will have iftar on Fridays and Saturdays.

• Families interested in co-sponsoring Iftars, please contact Mehreen Raja at 773-350-5661 or Sr. Tahira Khanzada at 937-694-1784

.• Registration will be required for prayers AND Iftar with a limit of 120 people.

• Social distancing, masks, and prayer rugs will be required.

• DMS fundraiser will be on 23 April, IA so please mark your calendars.

More details to follow soon. Stay tuned!!

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