Update on DMS Friday Khutba & Prayer

With progress in controlling COVID spread, we are pleased to announce that starting this Friday registration will no longer be required for Friday prayers. There will be no cap on number of congregants, as long as everyone continues to practice social distancing and wear their masks and use their personal prayer rugs. The lower lobby will be ready for additional congregants once capacity is reached upstairs.
With this in mind, DMS will also stop holding three Khutba sessions. Starting this Friday the second Khutba will start at 3:00pm ending at 3:30pm.
There will be no Khutba at 2:30pm or 3:30pm.
The first Khutba will continue to start at 1:30pm as usual.
Everyone is encouraged to join the first Khutba if they can. Many scholars do not allow for skipping first Friday prayer to a second one except in exceptional necessity.
Please spread the word and do let us know your suggestions.
May Allah protect us all.

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