Ustadh Chad Earl Coming to Dayton
February 16th-March 16th

A Brief Introduction…


Chad Earl converted to Islam in the 90’s at the tender age of 15.  Since then, he has always had a passion for studying Islam, focusing on internalizing the message and give back to the community.

Some of the Courses Taught Previously:

1.  Purification of the Heart:  A summarized teaching of various texts on Purification of the heart, such as Al-Ihya focusing on that which is most authentic and how we can begin to rectify those issues.

2.  Fiqh Al-‘Ibadat:  This course provides a review of different key actions of worship including Wudu, Prayer, Fasting, etc.  Common mistakes when performing such actions, as well as how they should be performed properly.

3.  From Madinah to American:  Seerah of the Prophet (SAW):  This course draws on a number of well known English and concise overview of the life of the Prophet (SAW).  Additionally, key events are analyzed with a focus on practical lessons that we can apply in our everyday lives.

4.  Quranic Vocabulary:  This course is designed for non native speakers to help learn the vocabulary of the Quran.

If you would like to take advantage and are interested in seeing any of these courses come to DMS, please message me at

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