The Dayton Mercy Society is sending love and prayers to everyone impacted by the horrific tornadoes and storms that tore through the Miami Valley.  Many people are without power, access to drinkable water or safe shelter. Some are facing unimaginable destruction or injury.  It is important that the DMS community come together and volunteer to help the people who are suffering from this calamity.  
How you can help:

1.  Donate nonperishable items, including diapers, and toilet paper. 
2.  Donate water and Gatorade
3.  Donate blood at Dayton Community Blood Center, 349 South Main St.

4.  Help with the neighborhood cleanup
Please contact Sheherazadh Ishaq at 937-344-4274 or Hira Ansari at 312-623-6862 to collect items or for any questions.  JAK in advance!!!

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